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CP02 cryoPREP Automated Dry Pulverizer (110V)


cryoPREP™ Impactors deliver a calibrated and repeatable mechanical force to cryofracture flash-frozen biospecimens. There are specific manual and automated cryoPREP Impactors available for use with t-PREP™ or tissueTUBE™ Devices. The controlled, high impact force results in the dry cryofracture of tissue samples without direct sample contact. Combining cryoPREP treatment with AFA® Focused-ultrasonicators greatly enhances biomolecule extraction enabling increased sample yields, improved integrity, and greater complexity with reagents ideally suited for downstream analytical methods.


  • Precious molecules and labile moieties are preserved
  • Highly reproducible
  • Saves time and increases yield
  • No cross contamination, No clean-up, High yield
  • Processes and protocols are highly reproducible



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