truChIP Chromatin Shearing Kit Tissue SDS


The truChlP Tissue Chromatin Shearing Kit with SDS Shearing Buffer is designed and optimized for the efficient and reproducible shearing of chromatin from tissues utilizing the Covaris Cryoprep system for the freeze-fracture powderizing of the fixed tissue, and using the Covaris AFA (Adaptive Focused Acoustics) technology for chromatin shearing.

Note: Tube holders/racks will have to be purchased separately depending on Covaris instrument being used. Please use the list below as a guide to ordering the correct tubes/holders/racks for your system.



  • 520045 microTUBE AFA Fiber Pre-Slit Snap-Cap 6x16mm (25)
  • 500414 M220 Holder XTU
  • 500489 M220 Holder XTU Insert microTUBE 130 µl



  • 520045  microTUBE AFA Fiber Pre-Slit Snap-Cap 6x16mm (25)
  • 500114  Holder microTUBE


E & L-Series:

  • 520045  microTUBE AFA Fiber Pre-Split 6x16mm (25)
  • 520053  8 microTUBE Strip (12)
  • 520078  96 microTUBE Plate
  • 500282  Rack 96 Place microTUBE
  • 500191  Rack 12 place 8 microTUBE Strip


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