truChIP Ultra-Low Chromatin with Formaldehyde


The truChIP™ Ultra Low Cell Chromatin Shearing Reagent Kit with formaldehyde;is designed to carry out efficient chromatin shearing of 100,000 cells or less. The kit is optimized for the efficient and reproducible shearing of chromatin from adherent and suspension mammalian cell lines using Covaris AFA™ Focused-ultrasonicators. Focused-ultrasonicators provide a non-contact, isothermal method of shearing chromatin without compromising the structural integrity of the epitopes of interest for use in ChIP-qPCR, ChIP-Chip, and ChIP-Seq applications. The kit is designed to work with a variety of cell lines; however, additional optimization for your specific cell line may enhance the results.


  • Formaldehyde 2x
  • 1 mL ampoules Buffer A
  • 4 mL Buffer D3
  • 6 mL Buffer E
  • 6 mL Buffer F
  • 0.8 mL Formaldehyde, 16% methanol-free formaldehyde Remaining formaldehyde from the ampoules should not be stored, and discarded. If the kit is going to be used with multiple experiments, then additional ampoules should be ordered.
  • Buffer A 10X Fixing Buffer
  • Buffer D3 10X SDS Shearing Buffer (Contains 0.1% SDS in 1X solution)
  • Buffer E 1X Quenching Buffer
  • Buffer F 100X Protease Inhibitor cocktail
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