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truXTRAC FFPE DNA 8 microTUBE Strip Kit for chemagen Technology (96)


The kit contains reagents and consumables required for the high yield and high quality DNA extraction from 96 FFPE tissue samples. Optimized to work with FFPE sections ≤ 25 μm and FFPE cores ≤ 1.25 mm diameter, containing ≤5 mg of tissue.

Note 1: This kit requires the use of a Perkin Elmer chemagen magnetic separation system for the purification of the extracted DNA. Please contact Covaris at
Note 2: Covaris FFPE kit requires use of the E220 evolution Rack E220e 8 microTUBE Strip V2 500437 with Intensifier 500141, E220 Rack 12 Place 8 microTUBE Strip V2 500444 with Intensifier 500141 , or the LE220 Rack-XT 12 Place 8 microTUBE Strip V2 500485;
Note 3: truXTRAC FFPE kit requires use of Cap Press Tool 8 microTUBE Strip V2 500469 and Heat Block Rack 12 Place 8 microTUBE Strip V2 500481 to fit Covaris 8 microTUBE Strip into standard heating blocks.
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