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truXTRAC FFPE DNA microTUBE Kit -Column Purification (25)

SKU: 520136
Maximum Quantity: 9

Description:The kit contains reagents and consumables required for the high yield and high quality DNA extraction and purification from 25 FFPE tissue samples. Optimized to work with FFPE sections ≤ 25 μm and FFPE cores ≤ 1.25 mm diameter, containing ≤5 mg of tissue.

Note 1: Covaris FFPE kit requires use of the correct Screw-Cap microTUBE Holder or Rack for respective Focused-ultrasonicator; the S-Series Holder microTUBE;Screw-Cap 500339, M220 Holder XTU 500414 with Insert XTU microTUBE 130 ul 500489, E-Series Rack 500308 with Intensifier 500141, or the L-Series Rack-XT 24 Place microTUBE;Screw-Cap 500388.

Note 2: truXTRAC FFPE kit requires use of Heat Block microTUBE Adapters 500406 to fit Covaris microTUBE into standard heating blocks. Kit Contents: microTUBE screw-cap FFPE (25) Purification Columns (25) Collection Tubes (50)

Extraction ; Purification Reagents:

Tissue SDS Buffer (10ml) B1;Buffer (7.5ml) B5 Buffer (7ml) BW Buffer (15ml) BE Buffer (7.5ml) PB Buffer (1.5ml) Proteinase K (30mg)

Case quantity available truXTRAC FFPE DNA Kit Case (250) 520177


For quantities greater than nine (9) please contact