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truXTRAC FFPE DNA microTUBE Kit for chemagen Technology (24)

SKU: 520176
Maximum Quantity: 9

The kit contains reagents and consumables required for the high yield and high quality DNA extraction from 24 FFPE tissue samples. Optimized to work with FFPE sections ≤ 25 μm and FFPE cores ≤ 1.25 mm diameter, containing ≤5 mg of tissue.

Note 1: This kit requires the use of a Perkin Elmer chemagen magnetic separation system for the purification of the extracted DNA. Please contact Covaris at
Note 2: Covaris FFPE kit requires use of the correct Screw-Cap microTUBE Holder or Rack for respective Focused-ultrasonicator; the S-Series Holder microTUBE Screw-Cap 500339, >M220 Holder XTU 500414 with Insert XTU microTUBE 130 ul 500489, E-Series Rack 500308 with Intensifier 500141, or the L-Series Rack-XT 24 Place microTUBE Screw-Cap 500388.
Note 3: truXTRAC FFPE kit requires use of Heat Block microTUBE
Case quantity available truXTRAC FFPE DNA microTUBE Kit for chemagen Technology Case (240) 520179
For quantities greater than nine (9) please contact