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truXTRAC FFPE total NA Kit Plus Kit - Magnetic Bead

SKU: 520255
Maximum Quantity: 9

Kit contains reagents and consumables required for the sequential extraction and purification of DNA and RNA from 25 FFPE tissue samples. Optimized to work with larger FFPE inputs: FFPE slide sections up to a total of 30 µm in total material thickness (from a 10 mm2 area), scrolls/curls up to 30 µm in total material thickness, and two cores up to 1.4 mm in diameter.


Kit Includes:

  • NA plus Tissue Lysis Buffer 25 ml
  • Proteinase K (PK Solution) 3.5 ml
  • Magnetic Bead Suspension 0.5 ml
  • Buffer BB3 75 ml
  • Buffer WB3 60 ml
  • Buffer WB4 60 ml
  • RNA Elution Buffer 3.5 ml
  • Buffer BE 7.5 ml
  • microTUBE-500 AFA Fiber Screw-Cap FFPE 25


For quantities greater than nine (9) please contact