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truXTRAC FFPE DNA 8 microTUBE Strip Kit for chemagen Technology (96)

SKU: 520147
Maximum Quantity: 9

The kit contains reagents and consumables required for the high yield and high quality DNA extraction from 96 FFPE tissue samples. Optimized to work with FFPE sections ≤ 25 μm and FFPE cores ≤ 1.25 mm diameter, containing ≤5 mg of tissue.

Note 1: This kit requires the use of a Perkin Elmer chemagen magnetic separation system for the purification of the extracted DNA. Please contact Covaris at
Note 2: Covaris FFPE kit requires use of the E220 evolution Rack E220e 8 microTUBE Strip V2 500437 with Intensifier 500141, E220 Rack 12 Place 8 microTUBE Strip V2 500444 with Intensifier 500141 , or the LE220 Rack-XT 12 Place 8 microTUBE Strip V2 500485;
Note 3: truXTRAC FFPE kit requires use of Cap Press Tool 8 microTUBE Strip V2 500469 and Heat Block Rack 12 Place 8 microTUBE Strip V2 500481 to fit Covaris 8 microTUBE Strip into standard heating blocks.
For quantities greater than nine (9) please contact